COVID-19 Information

We appreciate your patience as we experience a high volume of questions, comments, and messages from all of you! The time is almost here World Gym Fam! Now go pick out your first gym outfit! We encourage you to follow us on Facebook & Instagram as they are frequently updated with club news.

We are
July 17, 2020
Monday - Friday:


  • check Gym Use
  • check Tanning
  • check HydroMassage
  • check Online Classes
  • NO Kids World
  • NO Group Classes
  • NO Sauna Use
  • NO Barbell Cafe
  • NO Towel Service
  • NO Personal Training

We will NOT be offering: Guest Passes, Day Passes or No Commitment Memberships until government capacity restrictions are lifted as we want to allow our paying members priority access to the facility.

Question 1
Q: Will my previous membership automatically restart? When will the first due be taken out?

A: Any existing members, prior to the Covid shut down, will be automatically reinstated as of July 17th. Your first bi-weekly membership dues will come out Friday, July 24th equal to the amount you previously paid. No action is required from members to reinstate their memberships.
Question 2
Q: Will my contract be extended by the length of time the gym was closed? Do I owe the payments within that time period?

A: No, the closure of our facility will not extend the commitment length of any membership agreements. If you submitted a cancellation request prior between March 17th and July 17th, please call us at (705) 707-1600, or email us at to confirm the status of your account. Please understand that as we are experiencing a high volume of calls and e-mails. We are working hard respond to all inquiries in a timely manner and will be in contact as soon as possible.
Question 3
Q: I’m not ready to come back, can I place a hold on my membership?

A: We understand that you may not be ready to return to the facility and we want to make sure your first experience back at World Gym is the best possible. Please call us at (705) 707-1600, or email us at and we will be happy to assist you. Please be aware we are experiencing a high volume of calls and emails. We will get to every member’s request as soon as possible. Members will not be penalized on response time.

Personal Training FAQ's

Will I be contacted regarding my sessions?
All clients will be contacted via a phone call within the first few days of opening to discuss your previous Personal Training Agreement, future plans and answer any questions you have. We are urging you to wait for your trainer to contact you, as we will be experiencing high volume in calls and limited staffing.

Will I have to wear a mask & gloves?
Clients will not be required to wear a mask or gloves during their workout as stated by the Government of Ontario. Trainers will be required to wear a mask as they cannot prevent 6 feet in distance while providing quality training. Trainers are not required to wear gloves according to the Government regulations.

I had a payment come out but did not use those sessions.
Any paid for sessions that were unused will be honoured! Please wait for your trainer to contact you to discuss your package.

Will I have to book time in advanced?
As of right now we are moving forward without a booking system as we are allowed a capacity of 100. We are confident we will not exceed 100 guests at 1 given time. Booking your sessions will continue as the previous arrangement you had with your trainer. This can be discussed when your trainer contacts you.

Please wait for your trainer to contact you to discuss your Personal Training Agreement. We will be assisting all clients regarding their packages on a case by case basis.

I didn’t previously have Personal Training but am interested in starting with a Trainer or Coach now, are you accepting new clients?
Our Trainers priority will be to first serve any existing paying clients. Once they have contacted all their previous clients, they will be accepting new clients! We will be accepting inquires at the front desk in the mean time and you will be contacted as soon as someone has an opening!

Cleaning Protocols

· Staff and members must follow strict sanitization guidelines.
· We have confirmed all our products are up to WHO & CDC standards.
· We have increased our cleaning staff and high touch surfaces will be paid special attention by all staff through out the day.
· Please know we are doing everything we can to ensure the facility is as safe as possible. With help from our members, we can all do our part to help sanitation.

Member Sanitation Expectations

· We cannot do this without you and need your help to keep you and all our members safe! Members will be expected to:
· Sanitize at our designated sanitation station located at our front door before entering the facility. Follow the hand washing protocol and regularly sanitize while in the facility.
· Follow all signage posted around the facility and on equipment.
· Sanitize each touch point before and after each use on ALL equipment & lockers.
· Practice proper hygiene and behaviors.
· Stay home if you answered yes to any of the qualifying questions.

Social Fitnessing

· Members will be expected to practice 6 feet social distancing at all times.
· Floor markings, directional arrows and signage will be placed around the facility to give a clear direction to our members.
· Working out in groups or spotting will be prohibited until further notice.
· If you require a spot, please ask a trainer who will be equipped with a mask (unless of course, in case of emergency.
· Members are encouraged to workout safe and smart.
· Failure to comply will result in suspension or termination of membership.

Sanitation Stations

· Hand and equipment sanitizer will be placed around the facility for members and staff to use.
· Members will be required to sanitize their hands before entering the facility and encouraged to regularly sanitize in the facility.


· Members are encouraged to NOT wear masks when participating in intense physical activity according to government guidelines. It can make you lightheaded and possibly cause you to lose consciousness.
· Staff will be required to wear a mask when they are unable to practice safe distancing.
· Personal Trainers & Coaches will be required to wear a mask when training their client.
· Gloves are not required by any staff according to Government regulations.

Water Fountains

· Water fountains will only be used as a bottle re-filling station. Push buttons and mouthpiece will be covered.
· We advise members to bring their own re-fillable water bottle.
· Bottles of water will be available to purchase.
· Make sure you stay hydrated!


· ALL Members will be required to scan IN AND OUT so we can monitor occupancy.
· 100 is our current club capacity. As of now, we will not be implementing a booking system to allow for more convenience for our members.
· If we see we exceed this limit, we will implement a booking system quickly & efficiently.
· We are asking our members to please be respectful of their gym time and not exceed 60-90 minutes. We all need to work together and understand that none of us have had access to the gym during this time. We are ALL itching to get back to working out, have certain routines and want to spend hours in the gym per day. This is both unsafe after 4 months off and not particle due to government guidelines currently.
· Be respectful. Be smart. Be grateful. Have fun!

Equipment Distancing

The facility will be set up to allow for proper physical distancing on all equipment. Some equipment will be temporarily out of order.
All equipment that cannot be used, will be clearly marked by signage and will be unplugged/inoperable.
Members are to stay in lines marked on floor and be mindful when moving about the facility.

Limited Equipment

· No foam rollers, lifting belts, wrist wraps, dip belts, yoga mats, fabric exercise bands or barbell pads will be available to loan from the front desk.
· No gym bags or personal items will be allowed on the floor or benches.
· Absolutely no exceptions.
· Exercising balls have been removed the floor. Medicine balls, kettlebells and mats will still be available.

Workout Etiquette

· The gym will be strategically laid out to allow for proper spacing. Moving equipment or benches will not be allowed.
· We are asking for members to be mindful that some equipment will be out of service to promote safe distancing. Please stick to 1 area to finish your exercise before moving onto the next. Weight hoarding will not be allowed.
· We are all in this together. Communicate respectfully with your fellow gym mates and speak to a staff member if you have any questions or concerns.


· We understand how important communication is during this time.
· We have placed clear communication throughout the facility to ensure everyone remembers to do their part.
· We will be regularly posting on social media to keep you updated about any changes in the facility.
· We are asking for you to please be patient with us as we are experiencing high volume of member questions and inquires. We would like to give every member equal opportunity and time to have all their questions answered.

Thank you for your continued support and patience. We are SO grateful to have such and amazing World Gym Family!