Transformations & Testimonials

We are proud of our gym in North Bay. World Gym Membership prices are competitive and affordable to meet the needs of our Members.


What They Said...



Great facilities and friendly Matt, er, staff. I would give a 4.57 if I could just because they ran out of soap once or twice but can't complain for the price.



Wonderful gym, super clean equipment, great staff, and a low price. What else could you ask for?



I started my membership 6 months ago and I do not regret it! It's actually my favorite place to be now. They have tons of great equipment and they keep it properly maintained. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would definitely highly recommend this gym!!



This is my favourite gym in town. Great atmosphere to work out. Staff members are friendly and very welcoming. They even have a basketball court to go along with sauna’s, massage bed and lots of great equipment.



I moved back to North Bay after being gone for 8yrs. I joined World Gym a few months ago I absolutely love it ! It’s very clean and the staff are awesome.



I started at World Gym when I was selected to compete at the Invictus games in 2018. Right away I fell in love with the gym. The open concept and being in a wheelchair it is by far the most accessible gym in North Bay. Plenty of room to do stretches as well. I am a Para rower so the ERG in winter months is a must. There is never a wait to use it and the manager was kind enough to let me keep my adaptive rowing seat at the gym. Finishing 3rd at Canada at Nationals rowing, my sights are now set on Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. World gym north bay has been a big support through my journey and I encourage people to give it a try.